My love of visual arts began at an early age. I didn’t see a distinction in quality between illustrators and fine artists, so I admired both equally; great storytelling was great storytelling! I was as dazzled by illustrators, like Howard Pyle and Bernie Fuchs, every bit as much as fine artists, like Claus Oldenberg and Robert Motherwell. Guided by some exceptional junior high and high school public school art instruction, love of shape and contour, color, line, value, contrast and pattern led to years of trial and error experimentation and success as an artist.

I attended Pitzer College on a scholarship and a grant, and receieved a degree in Fine Art from California State University Fullerton. English Professor Don Austin, at CSUF, deserves a special nod for inspiring his students to think deeply, speak honestly, relish life and discover effective ways to share the inexplicable mystery of existence with others.

Brad Faegre Fine Art